National and Kapodistrian University of Athens shares important milestones for SynAir-G research activities

Image 1: SynAir-G researchers (Milena Papatesta, Maria Lappa, and Maria Kritikou) with the school teacher and principal in the 8th Primary School of Zografou (Athens, Greece)

The team from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), who is also the project coordinator, achieved important advancements within the research activities of WP02 “Clinical cohort”:

Exciting Developments in Our European Study Centers

The five SynAir-G clinical centres have completed all necessary procedures and obtained approvals to start recruiting children from primary schools located in areas with diverse population levels.

Recruitment Update

The study centre in Athens, Greece, has successfully completed recruitment for the current academic year, enrolling 250 children from five different schools in Athens. This milestone marks significant progress in our project. The team in Greece has already screened more than 20 children to form the nested cohort, which includes children with allergy–associated diseases and matched controls!

Image 2: SynAir-G poster hanged closed to children drawings in a school in Athens

Upcoming Recruitment

Looking ahead, our study centres in Finland, the UK, Georgia, and France are gearing up to begin their recruitment efforts in September 2024. Each of these centres will be reaching out to primary schools within their regions to engage students and families in clinical SynAir-G study.

SynAir-G Boxes Deployment

In parallel with the recruitment efforts, we are excited to announce that the SynAir-G boxes are ready for deployment. The devices will be installed in the participating schools to start collecting data regarding the quality of air in the classrooms. This step is vital for our research, as it will provide insights into the environmental factors influencing children’s health.


Image 3: SynAir-G researchers (Milena Papatesta, Maria Lappa) and teachers from the 6th Primary School of Agia Paraskevi (Athens, Greece)

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