IDEAL Cluster kicks off in Athens, Greece

Following the SynAir-G kick-off meeting, the IDEAL (Indoor Air Quality and Health) Cluster hit the ground running with its own kick-off meeting.

Together with five other EU-funded projects, the IDEAL Cluster will work to improve health and indoor air quality in public and private spaces, such as schools, hospitals, residential dwellings, canteens and public transportation.

The other members of the IDEAL cluster are:

The meeting was opened by Ms Rita Araujo from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, the department responsible for the cluster. She introduced the policy framework for the projects as well as the priorities of the European Commission in creating this new cross-project initiative.

The activities of the cluster will be mainly dedicated to the creation of working groups on topics of common interest, to provide the European Commission with scientific input. Three are the working groups, that soon will be active, and SynAir-G will co-lead one focused on “Science translation for policy and practice”.   In this working group, SynAir-G will produce guidelines for improving indoor air quality across indoor spaces studies in the 6 projects.

The cluster will also organize training sessions on relevant issues and implement a dissemination and communication campaign to create awareness on project updates and jointly implemented activities.

We envision that all projects in the IDEAL cluster will deliver scientific-based guidelines to influence and improve European and national indoor air quality policies in favor of patients.

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